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The Emmett Till Historic Intrepid Center which is also known as the E.T.H.I.C. Museum was established in August of 2005 by Mayor Johnny B. Thomas. The Museum houses educational information about the past atrocities in hopes to make a brighter future and allow the healing to begin.  This museum is the first and only museum dedicated to Emmett Till.  

Emmett Louis Till was 14 years old at the time when he was brutally murdered.

The Send Off

This picture show's Emmett Till with his mother Mamie Till on the day he left Chicago to travel to Mississippi for the summer of 1955.

 This Museum isn't just an ordinary museum. It is a living museum. Which means that this museum is changing all the time as history changes.  This museum was also once a cotton gin that was owned by J.W. Milam (one of Emmett's abductors). 

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Emmett Till Historic Intrepid Center

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